Gel toe protectors prevent pinched pinkies when hiking

by Julie Norman
(Grand Junction, CO)

I have a habit of getting blisters and getting pinched pinky toes, no matter what shoes I'm wearing for hiking. Before my boyfriend and I set out for an 11 mile round trip hike into Pollock Canyon (Western Colorado) I got some gel toe protectors. They look like little gel thimbles and can even be cut in half.

I used the top covered half for my pinky toe and the bottom half (which was open at the top since I had cut it) to put over a toe that was getting rubbed by the toenail next to it. I didn't get a single pinch the whole trip!

Incidentally, my Smartwool socks and awesome Vasque Breeze boots kept me from getting blisters too!

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More on toe pads...
by: Anonymous

You can find toe pads at shops that sell dancewear. Super-convenient if such stores are in your area. Also, if you search "toe pads" on-line, you'll find lots of listings for them. Number of diff. configurations. A lot of them look like mini-socks cut to fit the toe boxes of pointe shoes -- perfect for boots. I like the pads that're loaded up with lambswool, and then wrapped in a gel liner. Pretty freaking cool.

Toe protection for hiking and backpacking
by: Mdenettesr

My wife now wears ballerina toe pads (that go into toe shoes) with her hiking boots. Problem solved!

Thank you!
by: Melody

Thank you for this tip! It sounds like a perfect solution to my issue! I have checked around for "gel toe protectors" and cannot find them... any tips where to purchase these?

Thanks again!

Ed. Note: I haven't found any locally yet, but there are some available online.

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