D-List for Dreamy Backpacking

by Faith Kerns
(Santa Cruz)

My Top 5 Backpacking Tips Are:

1. D-Feet: In order to enjoy the simplist or most challenging walk, the feet must be in shape and well fitted for the walk. It is number one because for comfort and enjoyment, you need strong, healthy feet. Condition them, protect them, and they will bring you untold joy from your journey. Most importantly, a backpacker's feet will take him or her out of danger when needed.

2. D-Clothes: Proper clothing will be number 2. A few well chosen pieces of clothing will keep your pack light and your body at the right temperature at the right time, day or night. The less you carry because clothing choices are versatile and appropriate will get you from start to finish in record time if you need to be somewhere quickly.

3. D-Gear: Accessories and supplies to keep you focused and supported for living in the open can bring comfort and safety. You need comfort for a rejuvenating sleep, warm, nourishing food, protection from the elements -biting and infectious insects and wild creatures that can maim and destroy your life. Danger awaits the careless.

4. D-Friends: Solitude in nature is great, but not for backpacking unless you are an expert. Your walks need companionship for fun and support. Watch each others' back and care for each other when needed. Teamwork is essential.

5. D-Purpose: The right attitude is paramount. The journey is the reason in life and the same in backpacking. Do it well in the frame of mind that deepens your awareness to your life on earth, one step at a time. Choose your path wisely and be in the moment.

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Jul 07, 2011
D-List !
by: pflo

I like the 'D' theme, but wonder about 'defeat'. This is a great list though. I especially love the friends entry. It is awesome to share the experience of solitude, and it really helps to remember the important things later when you're back in the rat race.

Dec 08, 2010
by: Chris

Well Put

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