Coffeeeeeee!!! Use Loose Tea Filters for Backpacking Coffee

by ADKbkpker (Donna)

Try Finum Tea Filters for Making Backpacking Coffee

Try Finum Tea Filters for Making Backpacking Coffee

I know everyone has their own method for making backpacking coffee on the hiking trail, but I have discovered an extremely easy lightweight alternative too.

I am a loose tea drinker on cold winter nights at home. While preparing for a backpacking trip, I decided to see how the loose tea filters would double as backpacking coffee filters.

Using a coffee scoop, I dump two large spoonfuls in. I seal them using my Foodsaver, which is great when I dehydrate my own meals, but I imagine you could use the edge of an iron too.

If you don't seal it just fold it over and place all of your filters in a ziploc baggie and you are ready to go. At camp, just boil a pot of water, place a tea bag filled with coffee in a cup and pour water in. Dunk a few times to reach the desired strength and enjoy. I tend to just leave it in my cup until I'm finished drinking.

For creamer I use either instant creamer or dry milk and for sugar I take honey cactus powder. It's lighter than sugar. When finished, tear open the bag and spread the coffee grounds away from camp or bury them away from camp. What's left is a lightweight filter bag.

Let it sit out to dry while you pack up and then you can either burn it or, if you're a purist, pack it away with the rest of your trash.

Here's a link to buy the tea filters from Amazon:
Large Brown Finum Tea Filter

If that doesn't work just search for Finum Tea Filter, Large, Brown - that's what I use. Enjoy!

EDITOR'S NOTE FROM DAVE: Thanks, Donna, for that great tip about using the tea filters, which would of course be good for taking loose tea on your backpacking trips as well as using them for coffee.

Those who don't want to bother with loose coffee grounds might prefer the pre-bagged coffee bags available in grocery stores -- although the taste might not be as good as using your method with freshly-ground coffee.

Also, those who like Starbucks coffee might want to try their Via packets, which are single-serving instant coffee packs that can be mixed in with hot water right in the cup, leaving you a foil package to dispose of. I've tried them and like them very much, but I imagine that most people have their own preferences for the type of coffee they prefer, and appreciate having as many interesting tips as possible related to backpacking coffee preparation while hiking and camping.

I'll have to look for honey cactus powder as a lighter sugar substitute -- thanks for the tip!

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