Backpacking Story Contest
April, 2010

Here are our two prize winners:

The two backpacking stories below were judged most compelling and each have won a valuable VISA Gift Card prize, which we will send to the winners

GRAND PRIZE - $50 GIFT CARD: Big by Molly, Birmingham, AL

EXCERPT: "It was at that moment that I realized how insignificant I am. I have never felt that small in my life. Not only did I realize how small I am, but I also realized how big the world is. I realized how much of it I have not seen. And it was in that moment that a desire was kindled in me to learn more about this huge world that we live in."

RUNNER UP - $25 GIFT CARD: Climbing Mt. Washington by Jeannette D., Stoughton, MA

EXCERPT: "What I learned from this experience was, the best person to rely on was myself. I was able to turn an uncomfortable situation around. Inner strength and determination emerged just when I needed it."

Congratulations to both of our prize winners and thanks again to everyone who entered stories in the contest!


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