Philmont Boy Scout Ranch Stories and Tips

Philmont Boy Scout Ranch is an amazing place to spend a couple of weeks backpacking in the mountains of New Mexico with fellow Boy Scouts and leaders.

Have you been to Philmont?

If so, it's guaranteed that you've got some stories to tell!

This is your chance to share them with the world and also read tips and stories from other Boy Scout backpackers who have been hiking on a Philmont Trek.

Go ahead (why not?)! Rev up your back-country memories and post your Philmont backpacking story or tips (with up to 4 optional pictures) or add your comments to one of the articles already posted.

Have A Great Story About Backpacking at Philmont Scout Ranch?

Do you have a great story or some tips about your experiences at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch? Share it! Tell about your Philmont Trek, give tips for other preparing to go, or just tell why Philmont is such a wonderful place!

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